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We are here to help you reach your true potential! Are you an accountant from Monday to Friday and a skilled carpenter on weekends? List both your professional competencies and the skills you apply when practising your favourite side hustle - earn an income from both.

Easy on-line registration
MySuperSkills has an easy online registration process to get you started!
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MySuperSkills brings all your online profiles and skill sets into ONE place building a holistic YOU
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MySuperSkills promotes your social status rated by your peers and those that use your skills.
How it works

How it works

  • Create a free profile in minutes 
  • Add your professional and/or additional skills, side hustle skills, etc.
  • Get HIRED and earn extra income

It's that simple!

How the QR code works

With additional options to choose from:

How it works
  • Option to request a rating referral from your customers using your unique QR code and link
  • Option for additional features and benefits to stand out from the crowd & get hired
  • Option to create a sponsored profile for someone else through UjuziWangu.

Who can list their skills & get hired

  • Traditional freelancers searching for more projects and clients
  • Retirees looking to remain active and earn
  • Corporate employees looking for additional income streams
  • Remote or rural professionals not wanting to relocate in order to work
  • Parents looking for a flexible lifestyle
  • Students seeking income
  • Independent consultants exploring alternative opportunities
  • People looking to change careers or utilize additional skills
  • Anyone looking for more flexibility to suit their lifestyle and retain more control over their work schedules
  • Anyone who wants to help uplift and empower those in our society who don't have access to technology, by sponsoring a profile on their behalf through the UjuziWangu Foundation
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Side hustle skills

What is MySuperSkills all about

MySuperSkills offers that safe space to both find a reliable person to get the work done and, for those who want to get hired, to create their holistic skills profile. 

See what they say about MySuperSkills

My mission as a freelance graphic designer is to provide brand and marketing design solutions for small, local businesses. However, most of these kinds of businesses don't always have an active social media presence (where my work "lives") or don't know who/what to look for when searching for graphic design services, so it can be quite difficult for them to find me and vice versa. MySuperSkills provides me with a platform that makes me much easier to find. Creating my profile was super easy and so straightforward, and went much quicker than I thought it would!
Recently uploaded my profile on and I love how simple and quick the experience was. Great to know that I have a digital CV and QR code to impress my potential clients and employers. Thank you MySuperSkills for the platform.
I was very excited to learn about the possibilities within reach when one creates a profile on MySuperSkills. Creating my profile was an easy and quick process. What I love about the MySuperSkills platform, is that it gives me the opportunity to not just list all my professional skills, but also any skills I use for side hustles and hobbies. It enables one to really market and monetise the “holistic you”. I recommend MSS to everyone looking for extra income. You even get your own QR code which you can add to your CV, linking back to your profile on MySuperSkills.
As a part time Tutor for Grades 1-7 MySuperskills is a great place for me to advertise my available skills and connect with Parents who see the need to give their little one's extra support to cope with the demands of school. I love the ease to advertise!


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